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Classrooms and Labs


The Department provides suitable spaces and equipment for teaching activities, including IT labs where students can use computers equipped with software adapted to the needs of their degree course and where they can consult online information useful for their studying activities.


Where we are

The activities take place in three locations:


⇒ Business Administration (in English);
⇒ Business & Management (in English);
⇒ Information and Business Communication Management.


⇒ "Green e digital management" courses – First Cycle Degree in Business Administration.


⇒ "Impresa, management e imprenditorialità" courses – First Cycle Degree in Business Administration.



Please find more information about the availability of the classroom, according to their location, on the “University Planner - UP” calendar system by simply clicking on the links below:


How to book classrooms and labs


Further information about the classrooms

Please find details about capacity, floor and equipment of every classroom and space in the list below. Additionally, upon request of access, it is possible to view photographs and layouts of each classroom.





At the moment, it is not possible to access information about the classrooms in the Biella Campus through the online application.

In the "Città Studi" Campus you can find:

  • 1 Lecture Hall with 170 seats;
  • 2 Lecture Halls with 108 seats;
  • 21 classrooms between 20 and 63 seats;
  • 1 lab with 32 seats and 4 specialized labs;
  • library and study room with 96 seats, computer room and reading room;
  • convention centre (auditorium with 440 seats, seminar room with 100 seats e exhibition halls).

There is also a university residence within the campus.

To book classrooms, write to



The classrooms at the Cuneo site are managed jointly with the Departments of: Law, Oncology, Clinical and Biological Sciences, Sciences of Public Health and Pediatrics and Life Sciences and Systems Biology.


Study rooms




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