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Further education courses


Continuing education programs

In the framework of the Italian university system, first level or second level Professional Master's Programmes (in Italian: "Master universitari di primo o di secondo livello") involves at least 1 year of postgraduate specialization or executive education and training after the achievement of a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

A Professional Master's diploma is awarded after accomplishing all the educational activities, with the acquisition of 60 university credits (ECTS).

The first level Professional Master's Programmes are aimed at those who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree and lead to the achievement of the first level Master.

The second level Professional Master's Programmes are aimed at those who have obtained a Master's degree and lead to the achievement of the second level Master's degree.


Training Courses and Professional updating

The University of Turin’s continuing education plan, offer short-term training courses and professional updating focused on interesting topics.

Those courses do not release an academic degree and are addressed both to candidates who already have a degree and for candidates who do not but have obtained recognized working experience, and which are considered corresponding to the purpose of the course.

The Open Badge BESTR related to the Course is awarded to the students who have successfully passed the exam, with the aim to certify the skills they acquired and to increase their own web reputation by adding the Open Badge to digital CVs and professional platforms (e.g. LinkedIn).

You can find the Department of Management offer on the following web pages (in Italian only):


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